Psychic Reading Truelovespellscaster can change your life's path for the better, it is now possible, +27680258405 Randburg, Gauteng 1700, South Africa. Black curse spells, black witch spells, bring back ex-lover, bring back lost love, get my husband back OR how to get your ex back, Before going into depth about PSYCHIC READING it is very important to understand what is a psychic reading and when and why you should go for Psychic Reading.

There is a Big Difference in Astrology Reading and Psychic Readings
For astrology reading, we need a name, birth date details of the person, and then with various calculations and checking the positions and how the influence of planets and stars can affect and change our human life.
But for Psychic Reading things are different. I don’t know about others but what I do is I communicate with the soul, yes I am saying the soul of the person and then try to find out the problem he or she is facing and then find the solution as what is required or needed. Again a soul has nothing to do with the age, date of birth, religion, etc. Everyone has a soul and by communicating the soul, feeling the pain or happiness of the soul, I can know what the person is going through, what is his or her problem and what we should do if the person needs to achieve his goals whether it is a success, love or any other problem.

Now if you need a psychic reading just email me your name and if possible your picture for me to communicate with your soul and find solutions as to what I should do for you.


About My ServicesExperience & Qualifications

I have done work over the internet as well as local to me here in South Africa. I have a very very high success rate, please ask either in email or WhatsApp on what spell will suit you.


For years now I have helped so many people in my locality and have now found this site and hope to help so many more. I have practiced the art of spell casting for many years now and hope that you can put your trust in me to ensure your issues are fully resolved. ++27680258405

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Now another important question is how much you should pay for a reading????
I have seen on the internet people charging big money as fees for their work, but again I don’t think they should charge so much money to help people. In the olden day's psychics used to help people, not for money but to solve their problems and in return whatever people used to give them they used to accept happiness.

Yes, I agree that while giving reading lots of energy is spent, as contacting souls and communicating with them requires lots of energy and time. But that does not mean you have to charge big money and I will say that Psychics should not demand big money to help others.

You can go for psychic readings any number of times you may wish it can be every month, it can be every 15 days depending on the changes we experience in our day to day life, as our stars keep on changing, it’s like when we go shopping and we wear new clothes, at that time we are happy but after a few months we see new clothes on the market and then we are tempted to again go for fresh shopping, similarly whenever you feel you need a Psychic Reading then you can go for as many readings you may wish.

Changing your life’s path for the better is now possible,  Psychic chief, is here to help you sort out current issues in your life, take this chance and get help and information you’ve been seeking regarding your family, love life, relationships, finances, career, health, future and so much more into your life, with my powerful psychic reading I can read and tell what’s in Your life, what`s your future going to be, at the same time change it to what you want it to be.

I have over 20 years of experience. I was born this way. My earliest psychic memory is when I was 5 years. A psychic reading helps you to identify what`s hindering or influencing your success and what you can do about it. With your guidance I provide you with great insight and understanding into your current problems; and also with this, I help you find solutions and healing that you urgently desire. I also offer PAST LIFE PSYCHIC READING. After telling you all about your past life and how it has influenced your current life, I give advice/answers where due. I also offer PSYCHIC PROTECTIONS, during my consultations I offer protections against curses, spells, psychic attacks of any nature and also connect you with your supper natural spiritual powers.

Astrologer service

Traditional psychic healing to know & understand the future. Insight with traditional psychic healing into your love life, about financial matters & on your health. Find balance & channel positive energy into your life. Psychic readings for love, money & good fortune.

  Accurate psychic readings on many topics from love psychic readings, financial psychic readings & health psychic readings.

Psychic Edgar is here to guide you spiritually to help you master your problems. Grow spiritually & experience the liberation of your spirit. My appreciation of the interconnection of things in the spiritual world enables me to offer holistic psychic healing

Get answers to your life’s problems.  Are you having problems with your finances? Do you want to bring back your lost love? Are you having marriage problems? Are you confused about events in your life? Are you having problems making up your mind? Do you want to know the honest truth? Do you want to make a decision? Palm reading.Fortune teller.


Astrology, Horary, Tarot card, Numerology reader

16 chart reading in Vedic astrology

Vedic Chart, compatibility, business readings

Communicate with Angels and Spirit guides

Direct /straight Answer in readings

Negative energy sensor and cleanser

Psychic reading & Healing

Love, Affair, marriage issues

Relationship, extramarital love, distant love

Career, Financial, Promotion in job

Past life phobia & dreams interpretation






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Love spells are psychic energy, their psychic energy is a message or a packet of messages which are sent out into the Universe to rewrite fate and manifest your love wish. It’s not as strange as it sounds - it’s a variation of Cosmic Ordering, but unfortunately, Cosmic Ordering itself is a hit and miss process because although once you place your cosmic order the Universe instantly starts working on it, the second you worry or tell yourself your wish is just a dream and it won't come true the Universe hears that too, and considers it to be an update and then cancels your initial cosmic order. Love spells are far superior, they cannot be canceled out by your doubt or worry, indeed love spells are a much bigger operation than placing a Cosmic Order that doesn’t even take 60 seconds - for example, my shortest love spells take an hour to cast, and at least one hour of preparation, but it’s worth investing time and care to get the results you desire! Once a love spell is active and working on your heartache the changes become visible psychically, as destiny is rewritten.

Love spells are very powerful, once a witch has cast her potent magic spell, its natural route or journey leads to results, just as night follows day!